Venteris New Frontiers, Inc.

The Sim

SOMNAMBULIS follows the crew and passengers of Aquila 4, a colony ship destined for Proxima Aquila IV. Aquila 4 was launched in 2242 during the second and final phase of Venteris New Frontiers' Aquila Program to colonise Proxima Aquila IV on behalf of the United Nations of Earth. The ship's journey would last for 6 years, carrying aboard it 5,000 passengers and 258 crew members that were meant to relocate permanently to the colony, joining the 15,000 colonists brought there by the previous Aquila ships.

However, during the second year of Aquila 4's journey, something went inexplicably wrong. An unknown event resulted in the ship executing emergency lock-down procedures on all hibernation pods, overriding the protocols that were designed to wake crew and passengers a month ahead of their arrival at the Aquila colony.

In addition, the ship dropped out of hyperspace and drifted for 120 years until the hibernation system slowly began failing, randomly waking a small number of crew and passengers to their new reality.

The sim aims to follow the characters as they come to grips with their situation and try to figure out what to do next. The themes at play are isolation and loss, but also discovery and mystery as the awakened crew and passengers come to grips and learn more about where and when they are.

A strong focus will be placed on character development, with players encouraged to explore their characters both in their present circumstances and during their lives before the launch of Aquila 4. Adventure story lines will also play out as the characters learn about the new area of space they are in, encounter those who occupy it and find out what's happened in the 120 years while they've been asleep.